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"With my children growing up I feel I would like to do something more with my life than just be at home. I have really struggled to feel like I can do anything for myself - only things for the family.  Coaching has been very helpful in trying to look at this and think about what to do and how to do it. I have felt so overwhelmed with where to start that having coaching break my life down into compartments and look at how my days would be if I make the changes has helped me give clarity to my thoughts and pin myself down to realistic goals and the steps to take to achieve them.  I had become so blocked that I couldn’t even let myself think about my plans. The sessions gave me the permission to think and talk about my own life that I feel guilty about doing normally.  I no longer feel overwhelmed and feel I have the power to sort out the things that were getting me down."

Katie G

"The energy Agnieszka brings into each session is a powerful tool that she successfully used to motivate me.  She also helped me to set goals of which I am in full control over and made me realise that my commitment level contributes to the overall result".

Stanka P

"At the point of starting the coaching sessions I had three major projects I was working on. Even though I had an idea of milestones and what I wanted to achieve, it wasn’t until we spoke that I started to note down specific dates, times, tasks. It made me feel a little overwhelmed at first, but exploring all the different options available helped me realise that I have more resources and support than I thought. I work from home, on my own, so it is easy to forget that I have a much wider network. In a short period of time I have been able to structure my working week.  I can easily focus on the strategy and details, but the coaching with Agnieszka has led me to focus on gaining clients and building revenue streams".

Asa B

"Agnieszka was great at helping me to get a clearer perspective of where I want to be, what my goals are and how to achieve them.  I was very impressed with the unbiased yet friendly approach".

Anna K

"These sessions gave me a valuable lesson: in order to pursue my goals, I need to make a few little steps, one by one, and not (as I used to think) a big dramatic one.  Agnieszka patiently helped me to discover that being systematic is key to achieving my goals."

Magda S

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